BATB 1 Round 2

Mike Carroll vs. Joey Brezinski

Battle summary

Total rounds


Tricks landed

67.5 %

Overall accuracy


Total runs (?)

7 tricks

Longest run


Redos given


Combined flips


Combined shuvs


Combined rotation

Mike CarrollJoey Brezinski

Paper beats rock, Mike goes first

Fakie 360 Shuvit
Fakie Backside Bigspin
Impossible 🔄x2

Joey gets S.

Backside Bigspin

Joey gets S.K.

Nollie Heelflip

Joey gets S.K.A.

Fakie 360 Flip

Joey misses, Mike's turn to set

Inward Heelflip 🔄

Mike gets S.

Backside 180 Heelflip
Backside 180 Hippy Jump Powerslide

Mike gets S.K.

Double Heelflip

Mike gets S.K.A.

Double Kickflip Frontside Body Varial

Mike gets S.K.A.T.

Fakie Inward Heelflip

Mike misses, Joey's turn to set

Fakie Biggerspin Kickflip
Nollie Casper Flip

Joey gets S.K.A.T.

360 Flip 🔄
Fakie 360 Flip 🔄
Backside 360
Nollie Frontside 180 Kickflip 🔄
Switch Frontside Bigspin 🔄
Frontside Bigspin

Joey misses, Mike's turn to set

Halfcab Double Kickflip

Mike misses, Joey's turn to set

Pressure Flip 🔄

Joey gets S.K.A.T.E.; Mike wins!